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10 Interesting Health Benefits of Bitter Melon

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Bitter melon (Momordica charantia) is a type of edible, medicinal fruit that is native to Asia, Africa and parts of the Caribbean. It has a very long history of use in China, Momordica charantia goes by several common names around the world, including bitter melon, bitter gourd, balsam, bitter apple and cascarilla fruit. It belongs to the Cucurbitaceae plant family. Bitter melon is commonly used for beneficial health reasons. Bitter melon is also referred to as the as bitter gourd, Karela, or Balsam Pear. The melon has an extremely bitter taste, but it is a help food.

Ayurvedic medicine a traditional system of healing that has been practiced for India for over 3,000 years and also in some of the healthiest places of the world, such as Okinawa, Japan ( one of the world's " blue zones". Depending on where in the world you are eating this herbaceous vine. The fruit has a very warty, ridged exterior and is harvested before ripening, as it becomes increasingly bitter. The name is well_ deserved, and it is considered one of the most bitter fruits available with certain culinary benefits. The benefits of the fruit are found in its flesh, which has the consistency of cucumber or green pepper before it ripens. If the fruit is allowed to ripen, a bright red pith emerges, which is also used in some cultures in their cuisines.

1. Heart Health

To eat better melon has been connected to lower triglyceride levels in the body, which means less harmful deposition of cholesterol in the arteries. This can help to prevent atherosclerosis, as well as coronary heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes. It helps reduce the bad cholesterol levels which clog the arterial walls and thereby reduces the chances of heart attacks. Also, it is known to lower the blood sugar levels that help in maintaining a good heart health.

2. Diabetes

The ability to eat bitter melon to lower blood sugar can be good for diabetics, but it can also cause hypoglycemia if you are also taking blood sugar_ lowering medication. Diabetic patients should not use this herbal remedy without first consulting their doctor, particularly if they are prescribed a diabetes medication. A study that was conducted in 2011 showed that consuming 2,000 mg of this melon every day lowered the fructosamine levels in participants. It also helped to reduce insulin resistance for those with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

3. Liver Health

Drinking one cup of juice from a bitter melon every day can help detoxify your liver, reduce your level of fluids, and aid in the function of your gallbladder. The hepatic qualities that a  bitter melon contains helps your liver filter through the impurities in your body, clean the impurities and rid your body of the toxins that can be harmful to your liver. Got too much alcohol in your system you can get rid of it by sipping some bitter melon juice which wipes out alcoholic intoxication settled in your liver. The juice cleanses your bowel as well as heals many liver problems. Published in the International Journal of Vitamin and Nutrition, a study concluded that a compound called Momordica Charantia provides protection against liver failure by strengthening anti_ oxidant activity of the enzymes in the liver. It also boosts the functioning of your bladder.

4. Kills Cancer

A study that was conducted at the University of Colorado proved that the juice of bitter melon was able to kill their cells of pancreatic cancer. The growth of the tumors was reduced by 60% the best part is there were no negative side effects from this treatment. Traditional treatments, such as radiation and chemotherapy leave there body tired and weak as well as leaving the patient nauseous and usually with a complete loss of hair. A number of studies have been conducted on bitter melon effects on cancerous cells. Basically, the compounds found in bitter melon can prevent the growth and reproduction of cancer cells, specifically breast cancer cells.

5. For lustrous hair and glowing skin

Dr. Simran Saini from Fortis Hospital in New Delhi suggests that bitter melon juice has powerful anti_ oxidants along with vitamin A and C which prevent premature skin aging and diminishes wrinkles. Furthermore, it reduces acne, aids in treating eczema and psoriasis, as well as protect the skin from the harmful UV rays. The nutrients vitamin A, vitamin C, Biotin and Zinc impart shine and luster to your locks. Applying bitter melon juice regularly to your scalp can decrease hair loss and grey of hair, treat split_ ends and rough hair, shrug off dandruff, and combat itchiness. You can apply bitter melon juice directly to stop hair fall or mix it with some curd and massage on the scalp and hair for conditioning. To Treat dandruff, you can make a hair mask with bitter melon juice, cumin seed paste and leave for 30 minutes and rinse. Dr. Saini adds that the juice also acts as a blood purifier.

6. Sharper  Vision

Bitter melon notably contains eye_ health improving flavonoids such as a_ carotene, B_ carotene lutein, and zeaxanthin. Together, these compounds enhance eyesight and night vision as well as decelerate macular degeneration. These compounds play a crucial role in fighting the effects of aging, eliminating oxygen_ derived free radicals and reactive oxygen species that may lead to numerous complications. Vitamin A is also excellent for improving vision health. Vitamin A is derived from beta_ carotene and acts as an antioxidant that can prevent macular degeneration and slow the development of cataracts.

7. Weight Loss

Bitter melon is extremely low in calories and very filling. Lose, or maintain a healthy weight, with bitter melon. Prepare stuffed bitter melon to enjoy this benefit. The same properties that aid against Type 2 Diabetes also assist in healthy weight loss and maintenance. The bitter melon is very high in nutrients, which is another reason it's so beneficial in weight loss. It has been shown to rud the body of excess fatty tissue. As it's done with type 2 diabetes, the juice of the bitter melon helps with insulin resistance and blood glucose levels. Both of those things help your body from storing sugar and will help you to lose weight.

8. Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are a painful condition that occurs when your body chemistry is too acidic. Gritty little stones accumulate and are difficult to pass often requiring a special procedure to break them down so they can be urinated out of the body. The bitter melon helps to break down the kidney stones and helps to cut down on the acid that created the stones in the first place.

9. Boosts your immune system

Bitter melon fights viruses and bacteria and strengthens your immunity. It prevents allergies and indigestion. The antioxidants work as a powerful defense mechanism against illness and also help fight free_ radical damage that can cause various types of cancer. In 2010, a study was published in the Pharmaceutical Research Journal which started that bitter_ melon has anti_carcinogen and anti_ tumor properties. It reduced the risk of prostate, breast and cervical cancer. Bitter melon is an extremely rich source of vitamin C, which helps boost immunity. It also has powerful antiviral property, which stimulates the immune system and also aids in digestion.

10. Blood purifier

The antimicrobial and antioxidant properties present in bitter melon help in treating skin problems, blood disorders, removing toxins from the blood and purifying it. It also improves blood circulation and helps to cure issues like rashes, acne, psoriasis, blood boils and even hinders the growth of cancerous cells in the body. Adding bitter melon to your diet helps you recover from common illness much quicker and decreases your susceptibility to infections. Bitter melon is abundant in antioxidants that constitute an impregnable line of defense against viruses. The fruit is rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. A hundred_gram serving of bitter melon provides over 80 mg of vitamin C. Antioxidants attack free radicals within the body and eliminate other harmful compounds that may cause a number of ailments.

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